Travel on Board a
Luxury Airship

Through OceanSky, we offer an experience of a lifetime

An opportunity to be part of the pioneering expedition to land on the North Pole with the first hybrid aircraft in history.

Why travel to the North Pole? 

The Polar Regions are ground zero for climate change and what happens there predicts the climate future elsewhere. It's regarded as one of the most inaccessible places on earth, located on a large mass of ice floating in the Arctic sea. There is no better destination to show what an airship is capable of. Where other modes of transport cannot deliver, or use excessive amounts of energy to reach. To do it without fossil fuel would mark the beginning of a new era of aviation! 

Luxurious lounge

A quiet cruise with unprecedented views from panorama windows altitude low enough for wildlife spotting, while dining in a luxurious lounge. We show what travel is really about, where the passenger travel is healthy, revitalizing and comfortable.

The five-star Airlander

Bound for the North Pole will be operating March - October 2024 or 2025, with a total capacity of 16 passengers in 8 luxurious double bed cabins. Not only will we fly and land on the North Pole - we will do so in serene comfort.


OceanSky has invested in developing this technology with the aim of providing a unique and eco-friendly travel experience. The company remains optimistic about the future of airship travel and the growth potential of its business.

Why airships offer sustainable mobility? 

As mankind will not stop to travel, even if it hurts our planet, we are creating new ways of exploring the world. Airships can save an excess of 90% of the energy used, to do the same transport work as an aircraft. In addition they can land anywhere, without ground infrastructure and machinery to secure it. By providing the expedition to the North Pole in the world´s largest modern flying vehicle, we are contributing with our piece of the puzzle that is missing in creating change in the aviation industry. By joining us, you also become an essential part in creating a game change in aviation.