Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Estimating your carbon footprint

Fly Green Fund can help calculate the carbon emission from your air travel.

Determening the level of carbon reduction

Based on the carbon footprint you can decide how much carbon you want to reduce. Rember that every drop of sustainable aviation fuel matters!

Reducing Aviation Emissions

Greener Future

"Together, we can reduce emissions from aviation and at the same time increase demand for sustainable aviation fuels"

Things you might not know about sustainable aviation fuel...

  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) can be produced from a wide range of renewable feedstocks such as residues from the forest and food industry, household waste and even from captured carbon and green hydrogen.
  • Studies show that sustainable aviation fuel not only reduce carbon emissions but also reduce aviations non-carbon climate ettects such as the formation of contrails
  • Studies also show that todays jet engines consume less fuel when powered by sustainable aviation fuel.