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17 FEBRUARY 2023

After a year of opportunity analysis, partnership development and negotiations we are launching a new intercontinental route into Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Royal Jordanian Airlines starts flying twice weekly on a scheduled route from 1st of June, with Gayo partners having alotments for their base load. The route will be operatred with a classic Airbus 320 and offers connectivity to the Levant.

April 2020 - Sep 21

The Covid pandemic represents unpresedented challenges for the aviation industry. Gayo is following developments closely, focusing on the Nordic market opportunities. Our consultants are also involved in restructuring plans as well as cooperating with Nordic diplomatic missions abroad to facilitate repatriation flights. 2,000 Nordic citizens were repatriated from Iraq, Lebanon, Gambia, Morocco and Colombia.

December 2020

Gayos aviation consultants and brokers forms partnership with the Norwegian vessel agency Saga Subsea in designing specialized air transport services for international shipping companies. The service Subsea2Air is born and starts working with crew changes in a difficult operational environment during the Covid pandemic, with focus on the ports of Sumburg, Wick, Gdansk, Larnaca, Accra, Port of Spain, Las Palmas, Singapore.

01 June 2021

Gayo consultants scale up Covid-19 testingto facilitate mass travel from the Nordics

Genetika by Clinux has quickly built up a mobile home testing force of 700 drivers that efficiently completes the traditional fixed address clinics, thereby offering a comfortable alternative that has proven to be popular among tour operators in their efforts to get tourism jump-started.

02 April 2021

Gayo building European presence for Argos AI airport automation technologies

Any material that shouldn't be found on an airport taxiway, ramp, or runway is classified as Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and must be removed to increase the safety of operation and prevent aircraft damage. The innovative Turkish company Argos AI has developed comprehensive sets of surveillance and analysis tools in order to complete the management of the runways. Gayo is already in the process of introducing the system to a number of airports, completing its successful implementation at Heathrow, Gatwick, and Istanbul Grand Airport.

18 Feb 2021

Nordic representative for CitizenPlane 

As the French innovative start-up continues to grow, Gayo was chosen to lead its expansion in the Nordic markets. CitizenPlane provides tour operators with an easy-to-use platform to manage and sell their leftover stock from their allotments and charter flights, free of charge. This way, any tour-operator or charter broker can make use of their empty seats and monetize what would otherwise be a loss.

The platform is already used by +300 tour operators in over 30 countries, with an inventory of +500,000 seats at all times, distributed on120 OTA's around the world. We look forward to growing these numbers together!

19 Oct 2020

We are happy to announce partnership with AeroCRS

Connecting supply and demand, our role is to understand what is available globally and bring it to the attention of forward-thinking air travel companies. How airlines market their services to travel intermediaries and passengers is changing dramatically. We consider AeroCRS being best positioned to provide cost effective, cutting edge solutions in distribution, pax service, internet booking engine, frequent flyer program, analytics, automated marketing - and more.

Manage. Distribute. Analyze. Automate. Don't limit your growth!

18 Feb 2019

Gayo Aviation consultants chosen for route development. Haugesund Airport (HAU/ENHD) in Norway has been assisted in the privatization process by Gayo Consultants and we've been chosen to lead the efforts in attracting new carriers and establish new routes in an initiative to connect this coastal city with Europe.Update 8/9 2019: Widerøe to commence operation to BGO.

Update 1/10 2019: Wizzair to commence operation to KRK.

Update 2/11 2019: SAS to commence operation to CPH.

Update 11/11 2019: Detur to commence charter to AYT.

Update 14/2 2020: Loganair to commence operation to ABZ